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She Is Balanced

“What do you do?”

When I hear these words, my throat chokes. My heart drops. I look away. Because I’m afraid of what people will think.

Because I’m a nanny.

When I was six, I wanted to be a writer. When I was twelve, I wanted to be a film director. When I was twenty-two, I graduated from college and I didn’t know what I wanted besides paying my bills and moving into the city. I did both those things, but was neither a writer nor a film director.

When asked what I did, I mentioned my day job apologetically. I was embarrassed that I didn’t live in LA, wasn’t pursuing film. Even though I wasn’t fully interested in that path anymore. I just wanted a break. Just to be.

And yet I felt pressure. Pressure to be amazing. To do something incredible. But instead I was working as a retail manager at the mall. A customer service rep in a call center. A newborn baby photographer in a hospital. And a nanny in a stranger’s home.

And I was embarrassed.

But I forgot something.

I am not defined by my work.

I am a Christian, and my Savior defines me.

I forgot something else.

There is more to life than work. There are hobbies, relationships, and rest.

And to be healthy, these things require balance.

I think young women particularly wrestle with balance because we feel pressured to “have it all.”

We have to look hot, date someone awesome, rock a fabulous job, be a workout fiend, maintain multiple friendships, and also do life things like wash dirty underwear and buy toothpaste.

Which is impossible.

I wanted to explore the idea of balance by chatting with other twenty-something women. Women who are still figuring things out and making mistakes. Women who have different strengths than I do and who can teach me things. 

So I will be interviewing a different woman bi-monthly about the different facets of her life: social (jobs, romance, relationships), mental (intellectual growth, mental health), physical (fitness, fashion, body image), and emotional (spirituality, self-love, self-care). I want to learn how these women strive for balance because I think it’ll encourage me.

And I hope it encourages you, too.

- Scarlett


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