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I Am (tryingtobe) Balanced

Updated: May 5

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Hey dear!

I was looking through one of my first #SheIsBalanced interviews when this jumped out at me -

“It might be that there was a season that you really felt called to [something], but at this point you’re just doing it to people-please, or because you hate quitting. Pray about what to say no to, so you can truly say yes to other things.”

- Hannah G., April 2017

Jesus said He came that whoever believes in Him "may have life, and have it to the full." And spreading myself thin isn't part of that life. I don’t have the creative energy to focus on a million projects at once - and that’s okay. Maybe one day I’ll begin to blog biweekly again, but for now, I’m taking a step back.

And that is why, beginning now, I am returning to bimonthly She Is Balanced interviews, like in the blog's beginning. I love these interviews, and they’ve edified and encouraged me as I hope they have you.

I’m saying no to Frankly My Dears, and yes to other loves - my photography business, my novel-in-progress - and She Is Balanced.

So keep checking your email and the blog's Facebook page as we continue this journey - and community growth - together.

Because that’s what the She Is Balanced project is all about.

- Scarlett

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