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Updated: May 5, 2020

Name: Caroline Pinkston Miller

Age: 27

Lives in: Nicholasville, KY

Alma mater: University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY

Studied: Social Work

Graduated: 2014

Takes her coffee: Black

Works at: Century21 Progressive as a Realtor

Responsible for: Tracking trends in the real estate market, representing selling homeowners, finding buyers' forever homes, creating client appointments, mediating between buyers and sellers

SIB: What are the perks of hiring a realtor?

CPM: Having a realtor is key, especially when buying your first home. More often than not, sellers have an agreement to pay the buyers' realtor if a contract is accepted. For [my husband] Chris and I, we're not like, “Oh, you have to have this house.” If something comes up in the inspection and it's a red flag, we want you to get out. You could have damp insulation, standing water in the crawl space, or roof flashing issues. It really depends on how the previous owners took care of the house, and [its] age.

SIB: Walk me through it. What steps do you take to become a homeowner?

CPM: Your first step will be to get pre-approved by a lender. This helps determine your budget - that way you don't fall in love with something you can't afford!

Once a price point is set, your home search will begin! It's important to study your potential home, making sure you're making the best investment for yourself and your family. If you love the property, your next step is to submit an offer! Include the pre-approval letter to show you are ready and able to purchase.

If the contract is accepted, your next step is to inspect the home. The inspection period is typically 10-15 days. This allows you to study your future home as much as possible. If you find a problem within the inspection period, you can back out or simply ask the sellers to repair (depending upon the contract).

Once the inspection is over, the appraisal follows. The appraisal makes sure you aren't overpaying for your future property. Once the appraisal is back, it's all smooth sailing from here! Visit for more information or call me anytime at 859-327-1565! My team and I are here to help!

SIB: What should I look for in a first home?

CPM: Where do you spend the most time? What do you enjoy doing? I love cooking. So [for my home], the selling point was the kitchen. I encourage people to look at proximity to work. I would also encourage them not to get a large yard at first, because home ownership comes with a lot of new things already. Start small and then go bigger if you want.

SIB: What are the main perks of purchasing your own home?

CPM: Real estate, I think, is the greatest investment. With owning your own home you can really personalize it, make it yours. I feel like when you're renting you're living someone else's dream.

SIB: You're the third generating in a family of realtors! What are the unique challenges and rewards of working in a family business? CPM: It has its pros and cons. It’s amazing to work with my grandmother every day. We’ve made such great memories together and I’m so grateful for our relationship. It can be challenging at other times though. Sometimes family events turn into work meetings, discussing all our deals, upcoming clients, etc. It’s sometimes hard to balance but I feel our family does a great job!

SIB: As a realtor, you're self employed, which can cause loneliness! How do you stay connected to your friends and family? CPM: Social media gives us the ability to stay connected. I love it for that reason! When I feel lonely, I’ll pull up Facebook and interact with friends. Sometimes my schedule can vary and my work days are never the same. It’s hard to make time for socializing while simultaneously keeping up with our house, laundry, dishes, and work. I’ve learned to enjoy my alone time, and I cherish quiet time!

SIB: It’s Valentine’s season! What’s an unusual way you and Chris like to date or show affection? CPM: We love cooking at home and watching a good Dateline episode. It’s weird but that’s us. Anything where we can stay home together and eat with the dogs (Chris and Caroline own three sweet fur babies!!).

SIB: What’s your love language? If it’s different from Chris’, how do you keep his needs in mind? CPM: I think I have two love languages: words of affirmation and help around the house. I think his would be words of affirmation as well. We just love to encourage one another! It makes us both feel good about ourselves and motivates us.

SIB How did you and Chris define your own roles within your marriage? CPM: I don't know if we ever really sat down to define them, but we’ve slowly created a good routine. He knows I forget to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer and I know he can’t fold worth a crap! We try to tag team just about everything to help each other. It doesn’t always work that way though. When one of us is busier than the other, we try and pick up their slack!

SIB: Who are your mentors? What do you learn from them? A: My dad was my greatest mentor. He taught me to always give 110% at anything I did and to always believe in myself. I can still hear him saying “Buck up, Caroline,” whenever times get hard/busy. He always said that to make me mad/motivate me.

SIB: Your late father made a huge impact on your life. What traits of his showed you what you wanted in a partner?

CPM: He taught me I wanted/needed a hard working man who was a leader. I don’t consider myself a follower by any sense, but I’m grateful when Chris takes the reigns. Dad also encouraged me to find someone fun, loving and kind.

SIB: You’ve dealt with a lot of loss in your life. What’s your advice to those beginning a journey with grief? CPM: TAKE YOUR TIME! Everyone grieves differently and at a different pace. Don’t worry about what other people think of you or how you’re handling your loss. Just take it one day at a time and be confident that light is at the end of your darkness.

SIB: What lets you know that a bout of anxiety is coming on? CPM: Increased heart rate and heavy breathing. If I feel it coming on, I practice breathing exercises, meditate, pray, listen to uplifting music, open a window, light a candle, shower. Maybe do a face mask lol!

SIB: What’s your favorite way to pamper your body after a long day? CPM: A massage at The Massage Center in Dudley Square! Such a cool atmosphere that’s super relaxing.

SIB: How do you like to stay fit? CPM: We eat relatively healthy! I occasionally go on a walk, but would like to have a better exercise routine.

SIB: Your sense of style is impeccable. What inspires you? CPM: Goodwill. Not ashamed at all of my second hand threads! All of my new clothes are bought by my mother in law! Chris is an only child and she loves shopping for me.

SIB: How can women know that they are beautiful just as they are, and still make an effort to be healthy? CPM: I wish I had the answer! Society and social media clouds our vision and gives us a false reality of what a woman should look like. We’re all different and we need to embrace all of our differences! Easier said than done.

SIB: You are a natural model! What advice would you give to those who are camera-shy? How did you learn to be comfortable in your own skin? CPM: It’s so funny you say that bc I’m extremely insecure. Growing up, I watched America's Next Top Model with Tyra. Maybe she taught me? I wish I could be happier in my skin. All women do!

SIB: It’s easy to feel jealous of other’s successes. How do you celebrate with them instead? CPM: Great question! You have to be secure in your work and happy for yourself before celebrating others. It’s easy to get jealous or feel like others have the perfect life, but remind yourself that social media is a highlight reel. It probably took them a load of confidence to make a post. Show them the same support they show you! Like, comment and celebrate them just as you want to be celebrated!

SIB: Speaking of supporting others, you love to volunteer! What have been your favorite giving back experiences?

CPM: St Nicholas Christmas Parade was a great one. I convinced Chris to dress up as Santa and I would be Mrs. Claus. I forgot to tell Chris about the Santa Meet and Greet afterwards...good times. I also enjoy volunteering with my neighbor, Sherrie! She has mini goats, dogs and a large bunny that we take to Bridgepointe Assisted Living. So fun!

^ from Caroline's IG feed, @carepinkston.miller

SIB: How do you nurture your self-esteem if you’re feeling down?

CPM: Working on it..... I’ll let you know when I figure it out. Kidding, but I tell Chris I’m feeling down and he builds me back up.

SIB: How do you set reasonable goals for yourself?

CPM: Pray about everything and wait for God to show me. Sounds cheesy but I really believe that.

SIB: What are you confident about in yourself? CPM: My ability to talk to people! I love talking and feel I’m a great communicator. Works great for me being a realtor.

SIB: What does balance mean to you? CPM: Being present and staying grounded. It’s easy to get wrapped up in going out, taking the perfect pic or typing a witty caption. But try to remind yourself that social media isn’t everything and the people in front of you are!

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